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Competitive industry requires that facility maintenance offers value. We believe that your maintenance dollars are an investment in your bottom line. Our goal is to help enhance workflow and quality by fixing the things that stand in the way of your operation performing as you have intended. We specialize in long-lasting repair solutions, so things are fixed right, and fixed once. We recognize that downtime is a major expense to an operation. We work with our manufacturing clients to tailor work schedules around their needs. We approach each project in a collaborative way, because you know your operation best. Thinking about the “big-picture,” we have been able to help many of our clients create new and efficient repair solutions that are easy to maintain and provide high value returns for the life of the operation.

The key to building successful partnerships is trust, honesty and communication.
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an approach to food safety that is systematic and preventive. It is recommended by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the United Nations international standards organization for food safety. HACCP is used by most countries around the world. It has been in use since the 1960s. HACCP goes beyond inspecting finished food products. It helps to find, correct, and prevent hazards throughout the production process. These include physical, chemical, and biological hazards.


We specialize in successful HACCP implementation and maintenance by working with our clients through the following HACCP principles:


Principle 1: The first principle is hazard analysis. At this stage, a plan is laid out to identify

  • all possible food safety hazards that could cause a product to be unsafe for consumption, and

  • the measures that can be taken to control those hazards.


Principle 2: The second principle is identifying critical control points. These are the points in the production process where an action can be taken to prevent, eliminate, or reduce a food safety hazard to an acceptable level.


Principle 5: The fifth principle is crucial: establishing corrective actions. These actions must be taken to bring the production process back on track if monitoring indicates that deviation from critical limits has occurred. In food production, correcting problems before end-stage production is far more effective than waiting until a product is finished to test it.


Principle 7: The seventh principle is record keeping. Records must be kept by the company to

  • demonstrate the effective application of the critical control points, and

  • assist with official verification (which is done, in Canada, by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency).


Valuable Resources

  • Detailed information on HACCP is available from the Food Safety Enhancement Program Implementation Manual

  • Quality Management Program, including detailed guidance on implementing a HACCP-based plan


Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are the pride of industry in the Okanagan. Less specific then HACCP, GMP still sets out specific standards for facility maintenance and operations. It is out pleasure to work with our clients to meet their internal standards and those laid out in the Provincial and Federal guidelines.


Valuable Resources


  • GIP

The key to building successful partnerships is trust, honesty and communication.
Baywest Property Management, Kelowna Property Manager - Unlimited Contracting, Kelowna Contractor

Unlimited Contracting is unlimited professionalism, caring and trust. They are one of our preferred trades and have gone above and beyond to assist with the jobs we have engaged them for. By researching our concerns they have provided value beyond words.  Unlimited has assisted with other vendors that fall short or need expert advice. Customer service is their core value and they deliver it each and every time. We recommend this firm to all our Strata Corporations and the ones that have hired them never regret it.


Unlimited delivers!

Susie Czinger, Regional Manager

Baywest Management Corporation