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Strata Corporations are a major part of our business. We approach each Strata with a customized approach that suits the needs and objectives of each facility. We serve our Strata clients firstly by offering quality repairs so that you can count on the problem being resolved, and off the list. Recognizing that Strata councils have the large responsibility of serving the needs and expectations of multiple owners, we bring the assurance of continuity to facility repair and maintenance by building relationships that last for many years. We keep internal records of the work that we have done, and the products we use. We repair with products that last a long time, and are compatible with your future plans. Re-work and poorly planned construction has been a source of frustration for many of the councils before they have begun to work with us. Thankfully we have been able to help many Strata Corporations meet the needs of their facility and their constituents.

The key to building successful partnerships is trust, honesty and communication.
Stutters, Kelowna Disaster Cleanup - Unlimited Contracting, Kelowna Contractor

I’ve had opportunity to work with Brandon Farr of Unlimited Contracting on a number of jobs; Brandon has met then surpassed my expectations on every occasion and delivered in spades regardless of the size of the job! The pricing is fair and promptly delivered, feedback (verbal and written) is timely and informative, workmanship is professional and outstanding on every level and last but far from least, completion happens as scheduled. I hope to continue working with Brandon and Unlimited Contracting for a long time to come and I’ve already recommended his services to others who are also looking to experiencing the same, excellent service!



Kim Koroll

Project Manager/Stutters Disaster Kleenup